Simi grew up in Melbourne’s South-East and thought she might become a professional soccer player. One fateful day her Grade 5 teacher told her she would be a good journalist. The rest is history.

Simi completed a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at RMIT University in 2018. She minored in Cinema Studies.

In 2017, Simi completed a semester abroad, where she studied International Journalism and World Politics at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark.

Simi was part of the Editorial Committee at RMIT Catalyst magazine and was a regular contributor for a satirical column in the print magazine.

In February 2018, Simi interned at ABC News Breakfast in Melbourne. In March, she commuted to Sydney to intern at SBS The Feed on SBS VICELAND, where she learnt skills from some of her favourite journalists and reporters. In May, she interned for two weeks at SBS World News Radio in Melbourne. She spent the last two weeks of her university break in July as an intern in the ABC Newsroom in Southbank.

Simi has a strong interest in investigative journalism and longform journalism. She spends a lot of time combing her mother’s bookshelves for the early works of famous Australian writers.

Writing aside, her special interests include musical theatre, fashion, memes, being controversial on twitter and watching films up until the end credits when the staff are eagerly waiting to clean the cinema. She is a vehement Liverpool FC, Richmond FC and Socceroo supporter and still keeps her soccer skills sharp by playing indoor soccer in a mixed adult team.

In January this year, Simi travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia, where she went on a 6-day yoga and meditation retreat. Travelling is a consistent theme in her life and she has met most of her friends overseas.

Simi is also interested in animal welfare and enjoys spending time with her nine-year-old kelpie x staffy, Shanti, as well as her 11-year-old blue heeler x border collie niece, Nellie. (Feel free to contact for photos of the pups).

Simi spent the majority of 2018 trying to decide whether she wanted to be known as her birth name or her name coined by her Kindergarten teacher. After four internships as Simone, she decided she may as well be known for a name she would verbally respond to in real life. Simi lives on!

Simi is looking for an entry-level opportunity in the Media and Communications industry to kick-start a colourful and an exciting career path. Also she would really like to prove her Grade 5 teacher right.